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The Mini delivers clinically accurate core body temperatures in just 6
seconds. Simply touch the probe to the forehead near the temple.
Its easy to use and it is totally non-invasive. So gentle you can even
use it on a sleeping child.

Available now at Walmart under the ReliOn brand and at Walgreens .
Temple Touch Mini
The Temple Touch Premium provides 6 second results
on either the temple or Underarm. The Premium also
features a large back lit display, memory of last reading,
fever alert and the exclusive Over Dose Protection Timer
( ODPT).

Available now at Walgreens pharmacies and
World's Leader in Non-Invasive Thermometry
The MothersTouch thermometer offers the most natural way of taking your
child's temperature. In just 6 seconds get a clinically accurate result while
gently comforting your child.  Large display, last reading memory, fever
Available now at CVS or on line at: